http://www.greenpeace.org/international/campaigns/oceans/whaling/ - Greenpeace Anti Whaling Campaign. A fairly one sided view on Whaling but important source.
http://www.seashepherd.org/whales/ - Sea Shepherd Organization ("Whale Wars" TV group). Gives insight to the TV show.
http://www.sagharborwhalingmuseum.org/ - Sag Harbor Whaling Museum. Gives the historical perspective on Whaling in the US.
http://www.whaling.jp/english/ - Japanese Whaling Association. Important to include the other side of the story. Gives insight to the Japanese viewpoint on Whaling and its importance to them.
http://ictsd.org/i/news/biores/8793/ - The International center for Trade and Sustainable Development - Indigenous Whaling Quotas. Gives Quantifiable information. Discusses the issue of indigenous whaling.
http://www.uark.edu/misc/jcdixon/Historic_Whaling/AEWC/aewc_maggie%20presentation.ht ml - -Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission Elaborates on the indigenous whaling viewpoint form that of the Alaskan Eskimo.
http://iwcoffice.org/index.htm - The International Whaling Commission Home page. This site gives copious amounts of information on whaling worldwide.
http://www.un.org/works/OLD/environment/animalplanet/whale.html - UN endangered species page on Whale. The U.N. site on endangered species and their argument for the saving of the species with the moratorium.
http://www.whalecraft.net/Whaling_Books.html -- A Very comprehensive list of whaling themed books.