About The Course
The Marine Biology course is a full year Marine Science program. It is open to 11 and 12 graders with two or more science credits.

The first half of the year the focus is on Oceanography
including history and navigation.

The second half of the year is a focus on Marine Biology. Students will learn about the various species and adaptions through the phylums. The students will also set up design and maintian a fish tank

The class is designed to encompass numerous modalities in its learning approach.

Technology is used to enhance the learning experience.

Response cards and Labquest Modules have been used with great success with our students.

Students are encouraged to be acitve in the issues that concern them. The classes in the past have adopted 3 whales and a shark. They also raised funds for the Marine mammal center in California

In 2007 the afterschool ROV program made Yorktown High School the First New York State public school to compete in NOAA's MATE regional ROV competition
About The Instructor
20 + years teaching experience.

10+ years at Yorktown High School

NYS Teaching Certifications in
Special Education and Biology 7-12

NAUI Certified Diver

2007 Toyota Tapaestry Grant for Science Excellence

Member of